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Facebook Sent Friends Requests Removal All At Once

Why am I blocked from sending friend requests?

If your account is temporarily blocked from sending friend requests, it may be because friend requests you’ve sent have gone unanswered or been marked as
unwelcome. In the future, you should send friend requests to people you have a real-life connection to, like your friends, family, coworkers, or classmates.
Make sure to use your real name and picture to help the people you’re friending recognize you.
If you’re interested in receiving updates from people you find interesting, but don’t know personally (ex: journalists, celebrities, political figures), try following them instead of sending them friend requests.

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To learn more about facebook policies, review their Community .
Using this extension every 24 hours will prevent your account from being blocked from sending friends requests .
This Extension will remove your sent friends requests all at once

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